Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dirty stuff

Andy and I were getting Mexican food when he announced that a few of his college friends from Memphis were coming to visit.  "You'll love Scotty," he said, smirking.  "He rides bikes, has shitty tattoos, and is a total asshole to women."  He pulled out his phone and showed me his picture.

"He's hot!" I decided.  "I love him."

The weekend came and Andy had a party.  I was introduced to Scotty, who was incredibly debonair.  I mingled, I drank, and when I saw Scotty go out to smoke a cigarette I followed him.

"I heard you have a little crush on me," he said, his blue eyes piercing through me.  I nodded.  "Well maybe I'll just make all your dreams come true tonight," he said, taking the last drag of his cigarette.  I mentally lost it.  I went inside and headed to the bathroom. 

My pants were down and he came in.  I shouted and he looked embarrassed.  "I didn't know you were in here," he said, pushing me up against the wall when I stood up to wipe.  He kissed me while fingering me.  I unbuckled his pants and slid down the wall, putting his cock in my mouth.

Shortly after we decided that the bathroom wasn't a good place for what was going to happen next, but fortunately I knew where the guest room was.  I took him by the hand and led him there.  I sat on the bed, he pulled off his shoes, pants, and hoodie.

He was smooth.  He stroked my cheek and told me I was pretty.  We made out for a long time before he even tried to take off my clothes.  But he did, and soon I was on my hands and knees and his cock was inside me.  He fingered my ass and I was the perfect amount of drunk where it felt amazing.  He pulled out and put his cock in my ass, no lube required. He switched back to my pussy.  After a few pumps he went limp.

"Get me hard again," he commanded.  I turned around and put his dick in my mouth.  I was immediately reminded that it had just been in my ass.  "So this is what ATM is like," I thought, laughing to myself.  Well there's a first time for everything.

It wouldn't get hard and I was tired anyway.  We got dressed and I wandered into Andy's bedroom and passed out.  Not sure what Scotty did.

The next day was embarrassing as Andy and Justin grilled me about what happened.  They both know I'm a slut, obviously, but the ATV (and ATM) apparently crossed the line, and I got a lecture about my health.  A week later I got a bad itch and went to the STD clinic, but it was just a bacterial infection, don't worry.