Monday, August 30, 2010

Joey and I closed down the bar. He asked me if I was going home. No. I was too drunk. He said I could stay at his place.

We got there and he went to the bathroom. Never one to be brazen, I took off all my clothes and got in his bed. He walked back in, took a long look at me, and finally asked, "How are your boobs?"

"They're cool," I replied, and watched him strip down to his boxers.

He grabbed his weed off his nightstand. "I'm going to smoke a bowl and you are going to suck my dick."

I got on my knees and reached into his boxers.

"Haha, really?" he asked. Yeah, totally.

I put his cock in my mouth. He took a hit. Exhaling, he told me how good it felt. He put down his pipe and pulled my hair. "You're such a dirty cocksucking whore," he whispered, as he pulled harder and put his hand on my throat. I did my thing while he choked me, pulled my hair, slapped my cheeks, and pinched my nipples.

He told me to get on my hands and knees--he was going to fuck my ass. He got up and got some oil out of his closet. He fingered my pussy, hard. He didn't stop until I came twice. Then he started in on my ass: One finger. Two fingers. Three fingers. He slid his cock in. I gasped. He was gentle with the fucking but slapped me hard, calling me a little whore the whole time.

We passed out and I woke up curled around him, vulnerable.