Thursday, August 26, 2010

Marie's in town!

Marie came to visit from wherever it is she's living now. I greeted her at the airport after midnight, she was jetlagged and exhausted. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said anything, as long as it was with me.

I took her to Christopher's. The plan was to see how drunk we could all get and then initiate a deep-throating contest on Chris's cock, but instead Marie passed out and Chris and I got drunk anyway.

He and I went to his room where he kissed me and pushed me on the bed. "Take your clothes off," he commanded. I did. He watched and unbuckled his pants. I reached for his buckle but he smacked my hand away. "You're too eager. Turn around." I did as I was told and gasped the same gasp I do every time someone or something penetrates me.

(side note: I've been getting fucked for half my life, why is it that the initial penetration feels so amazing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.)

He pulled my hair so hard I yelped. "Are you being loud because you have an audience, you fucking hussy?" he asked. I answered no. "We have to be quiet, Marie is sleeping!" He pulled harder, then slapped my ass, then pounded into me so hard I couldn't keep quiet. I buried my head in a pillow but he pulled it away. I came quickly (and loudly... embarrassing) and he instructed me to turn over. I did and received a slap in the face. "I'm sorry your friend fell asleep, I wanted to use her as hard as I use you," he said. Then he pushed his chest into my face, suffocating me, and fucked me slowly as I silently freaked out over my loss of breath. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore he let me go and I quickly recovered. This was repeated several times until he pulled out, stood up, and busted his nut on my face and chest. We fell asleep.

Not enough hours later, I woke up to my phone alarm and a boner pressed against my butt. I shut off the alarm and rolled over, kissing him good morning and grabbing his morning wood. After a few strokes I moved down and put his cock in my mouth. He likes the way I stick my ass in the air while I blow him, so I positioned my ass in his hand's reach so he could slap me. He thrusted and fucked my throat hard till I pulled my mouth off and asked him to fuck me. "Only if you say please while my cock is down your throat," he said. I complied. I got pushed over and he pushed his cock in me, only having to pump a little bit till I was coming again.

This time he muffled my moans with a pillow as Marie was surely awake in the next room. He fucked me with my legs over his shoulders and depositied his load deep inside of me so I could have it drip out all day at work.

I got dressed and met Marie in the living room. I casually asked if she was ready to go and we left. "Your boyfriend seems like lots of fun," she said. I blushed.