Tuesday, August 17, 2010

probably soulmates. tragic.

I've had sexual tension with Seth for years. We met at a house show- he was fresh out of jail and I was so drunk I could barely stand (I totally puked in the bathtub upstairs then passed out on the sidewalk next to my friend's car... cool life Meredith). His smile gave me goosebumps.

We had awkward sex in the summer of 2007 after sitting on my porch listening to Mineral all night. Next time I saw him he was with a girl. Scorned, I started dating Ira. Whatever.

I saw him a few weeks ago- I was walking out of my neighborhood coffee shop and he whizzed by on his bike. I called out for him and he circled around and blew me a kiss. Later I got a text apologizing for not stopping.

We ended up getting really stoned and going to a hardcore show that night. He complained about his girlfriend. I listened like a good friend.

Last night a bunch of people got together for a surprise birthday party. I showed up with Marie and Brianna. We greeted everyone and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Seth. He pulled me aside. "I've had dreams about you every night since the show," he said. "Break up with your girlfriend," I said. "I already did," he replied.

We broke apart, rejoined the group, drank a few pitchers of beer. I got a text message: Meet me in the bathroom. I followed him to the ladies room.

I pushed him up against the door and locked it. The kissing was so anxious. He stuck his hand in my pants, I stuck mine in his. "I've got a tampon in," I warned. "I don't give a fuck," he replied. I dropped to my knees and stuck his cock so far down my throat that I gagged. He pulled me up and buckled up his pants. Fuck.

We all went back to Brianna's house, completely drunk. Seth went upstairs to pee and I followed him. We ended up fucking on Brianna's bed until we passed out. I woke up a few hours later and slipped out, thinking we went unnoticed, but that was not the case. I got teased so much today! Totally worth it.