Monday, August 16, 2010

houseguest sex

I've been having a decent amount of sex lately. Unfortunately, it's either been drunk blackout sex or in bed at night regular sex. I'm satisfied, but I don't have much to write about. Here's a good memory though:

I had been seeing Justin for about a month when he texted me one day after work. "At (hipster bar I won't name) with the guys. Come now." Anxious and nervous, I took a shower, tried to find something sexy to wear, and walked to the bar. I ran into Marie on the way. She asked me what I was doing, suggested meeting up later. Haha. I said I was just meeting Justin and I'd hit her up later. I didn't hit her up later.

I walked into the bar. Justin greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and went off to get my gin and tonic. Andy introduced himself and grabbed my tits. A little off-putting, but whatever. The other two dudes introduced themselves and we made small talk about work or whatever.

After a few drinks, Andy suggested that we go back to his house to drink from his Kegerator. We walked there, then Justin gave me a tour of the house. When we got to the guest bedroom he shut the door, grabbed my throat and pushed me against the wall, then stuck his hand down my pants and fingered me while we kissed. Then he ripped off my black lacy thong and shoved it in my mouth, pulled down my jeans, and pushed me on the bed. Andy knocked on the door and started to come in. Justin gave him a stern "NOT NOW," undid his pants, and slid his cock into me.

I came first. Then he announced that he was going to come. He pulled out of me and I got on my knees and swallowed his load. We pulled up our pants, I went to the bathroom, we left the party.

We walked to Justin's place, a condo with a pool in the back. We decided to skinny dip. We put our clothes back on, dripping wet, and went up to his 6th floor apartment. He made me another drink--a formality, I suppose--while I got in bed. Once in bed we fucked again. This time he choked me with his belt.

Man, Justin was a fun dude but absolutely insane. Why are the crazy ones always the best fucks?