Sunday, August 1, 2010

little punk boy

An out of town friend e-introduced me to a friend of his who had recently moved to my city. Gabe and I texted for about a week and on Monday he asked me out for Friday. I wasn't sure that our mutual friend's intention was for the two of us to go out on dates, and honestly I am not sure I want to be going on dates with people who are not Christopher, but whatever. I accepted. The next day (Tuesday) I told him that I was going to be at Megan's house watching movies and drinking and he said that he'd be in that same neighborhood for a friend's birthday get together. So Megan and I guzzled the last of our whisky and headed his way.

These types of things are always so awkward. We got to the bar and ordered our drinks and I texted him that I didn't see him, but we were at the bar. He came up and met us and invited us to sit with his friends. I'm gonna be honest, after I drank the shot of whisky that came with my beer a lot of details are fuzzy. I remember talking to the lady sitting on the other side of Gabe. I remember Megan hitting it off with a really hot (albeit not as PUNK as Gabe) dude. I remember Gabe saying he needed to leave to catch his train and a lightbulb going on in my brain because I needed to catch the same train. So we departed, leaving Megan with the hottie.

Uh, we started making out on the sidewalk outside the bar. We missed our train. The next one wouldn't come by for an hour and a half. I suggested we take the bus but he said he'd pay for a cab. He was all like "Are you comfortable with the cab dropping us off at my house?" and I was like YES. We got to his house, I met all his housemates, and went to his room where he put on Jawbreaker (important mainly because earlier in the evening Megan and I were discussing high school crushes and I told her about the guy I fell in love with at a dumb local hardcore show who was wearing a Jawbreaker shirt. We both sighed and wished that we could have Jawbreaker loving boyfriends NOW).

He went down on me forever. It's not something I enjoy for more than a few minutes, but I always let dudes do it because I figure they probably enjoy it just as much as I enjoy sucking cock. So after a while I started sucking his cock, and he got a condom, I put it on, and got on top of him. Maybe I was too wet? I don't know, his dick was pretty big but it kept slipping out. He turned me over and fucked me from behind and I came once, then flipped me over and got on top of me and I came a few more times. By this point I was begging him to cum on my face so he pulled out, pulled off the condom, and did so. We wiped up and he turned off the Jawbreaker and I distinctly remember hearing music from the next bedroom and realizing that probably everyone in the house probably heard us.

I have a pretty strict "no sleepover" policy but I was too drunk to walk home alone at 3am so I stayed. The morning was so awkward! He started tossing and turning at like 6am. He didn't even press his boner against my butt. So I got up and got dressed and he walked me out.

I tried to hang out with him again Thursday night, since Megan and I were out and she was meeting up with the cute dude she met Tuesday, but when it was time to catch the train he wasn't responding to his texts, so I went home alone. He texted me right as I got home and apologized but then bombarded me with a ton of insecure messages. I haven't replied. I probably should, he's worth fucking again.