Saturday, June 5, 2010

oh. fudge.

I hate to reference this but as I was getting fucked this morning, all I could think about was the episode of "Sex and the City" where Samantha meets the perfect guy (tall, handsome, smart, charming) only his cock is too big. It was like being a pornographic version of Goldilocks. I've never been a "size queen," preferring men with average sized penises because they don't hurt. In fact, one of the best lovers I ever had was not well endowed but instead extremely perceptive. We fucked so often that I incurred a spate of constant urinary tract infections. Now that's dedication.

But no, this morning was awkward. I couldn't reconcile all the versions of me while with him; he is not aware of this blog or my predilections for BDSM. I blurted out at one point that I "like to be tied up" and he shrugged. Then I added, "Hey, I'm kind of a submissive" and his reaction was mild: "That's cool. Rock on." This was while he was fucking me, so you can gather just how discombobulated I was; also, I may have been still drunk from last night's four Ketel & soda tour at our mutual friend's bar. He solidly trounced me at video games, made fun of my hair and then fucked me. It's like dating a 16 year old boy, only he's 34 and...well, perfect.

Minus the big dick.

I suppose it's back to the well for me.