Thursday, June 3, 2010

a reminder

This blog is about my self-discovery as an admitted submissive and my journey to find a Daddy dominant, and for me to recount my numerous and varied sexual experiences. Ultimately, it is for me, a visual and literary reminder for me to own. I choose to share it with the world though, and that opens it up for criticism and attack, not just praise. I am accepting of that. This is what happens when you are public with what most people usually keep private. It is the nature of sharing and autobiography. However, I need to remind you that my blog is not for you to impose your own sexual desires upon me and then grow insulting when I do not acknowledge them or accept your advances.

That being said, I of course very much appreciate all your messages and emails, and due to the sheer volume of them, I simply cannot reply to them all. I have responded to many though (usually through email) and I'm not just erasing your well-worded missives. Please know that I do treasure you as readers. To know that I might somehow affect you with my writing, not my physical actions, means more to me than you could ever understand. As I have said before - I am much more impressed by the intellectual than the physical.

I do hope you understand and respect this clarification.

In the meantime, I've been quite busy with the move, having no internet, and oh yes, a week-long business trip that has me toiling 15 hour days. I am writing this entry during a surprising lull on an anxiety-filled Thursday afternoon. I sincerely hope your day is going better than mine. I'll most likely need more Steve Holmes on my laptop upon my return to the hotel room later this evening to relax. Wish me luck.