Monday, July 27, 2009

notes on what i want

It is so hard to find someone who understands exactly what I want sexually. I play all the facets of the feminine stereotypes: demure virgin, slutty whore, and the gamut in between. Faced with so many options, how does a guy deal with this and handle all the various personalities of my sexuality?

I have been chatting with someone who replied to a CL ad that i placed last week who seems to comprehend the complexity of my sexuality. Already I have masturbated at least three times to our conversations. I admitted that when I masturbate, I do not have fantasies; I concentrate solely on me. "It's a selfish act. When I am with someone, it is selfless," I said.

He is polite, intelligent, thoughtful, considerate and very sexual. His knowledge of BDSM and toys is exciting. "A spreader bar? Yeah, I left that at my last girlfriend's," he said.

This morning, our very bawdy discussion led me to masturbate. I came in under two minutes. "That was fast," he remarked. "Next time," he suggested, "you stop right when you're about to, and calm down a little. Then keep going. Repeat twice and then let yourself go. That's what I want you to do."

"Does it turn you on knowing that I am dripping wet with all of this talk we've been having?" I asked.

"More than you know," he replied.

I took his advice, followed his direction and had an intense orgasm where I spasmed hard on my hand. He called shortly afterward, when I was smoking a cigarette.

"You have a sexy voice," he said as I licked the sweet sticky slime from my fingers.