Monday, July 19, 2010

The Ultimate FWB

Two nights ago I don't remember too well. I just remember being at the bar and running into this guy I've been friends with and fucked on and off for 10 years. Next thing I know we're walking home. We went down an alley and he leaned against a car and unzipped his pants and I was on my knees. I deep throated him and I gagged and puked all over everything, which was funny but maybe a little too attention grabbing.

We got to his house. I remember ripping his clothes off and blowing him again, sticking a finger in his ass. I know he fucked me in the pussy a little but asked for my ass and got my lube out of my bag. I definitely fingered my clit and apparently said a lot of nasty things. Uh then I don't know what happened but in the morning I woke him up with a BJ and he came in my mouth and I spit it all over him.

Ten years ago he was the first person to choke me. Four years ago he was the first person to slap me and call me names. It was a huge turn on back then and he's taken it to a whole new level now and it is SO HOT. I wish our relationship wasn't so complicated because we'd have so much fun all the time. I went back over last night, he was drunk but I wasn't. I didn't bring lube and he didn't have any. He was disappointed he couldn't get in my ass but it was probably too sore anyway. I blew him for a million years then got on top of him and rode him and had like 5 orgasms, then he got on top with his hands on my throat, slapping my face, tits, ass, calling me a whore and a slut. He came in my face and I opened my eyes to watch and got a serious case of semen eye. Then we played words with friends for a while then I walked home. Life isn't bad at all.