Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the facets of life

I've stated before that I am not at all averse to "switching" since I've been a professional dominatrix in the past. Recently, I joined a networking site specifically targeted to the BDSM community (god, I am so ashamed I wrote that because it conjures up unpleasant images of people who still live in their parents' basements, attend renaissance fairs or really, really like "Star Trek" - no offense to those of you who do, of course, enjoy such activities, except for the basement dwelling!) and have been contacted by many men who have expressed an interest in me dominating them. I'm grateful for my past life education in that it allows me to create imagined scenarios for them to wallow happily in, all while I am safely ensconced at home and not having to strap on a corset and shimmy into seven inch spike heels. I'm amused by how easily I can maneuver through the different emails I get, playing a dirty little girl who has soiled her panties with her own wet girl juices and then becoming a demanding bitch goddess making her slave crawl across the floor on his hands and knees.

I fear I might be compartmentalizing - dividing portions of myself into different boxes: dirty little slut; beautiful exalted goddess; woman you date and take home. Will I ever be able to reconcile them? Years ago, I was with someone who appreciated every facet of my sexuality and loved the complete version of me. Am I doing myself a great disservice by only presenting mere slices to each person based on what I think they want me to be?

That question was rhetorical. The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my search to find someone who wants the whole awesome slut. I dare say, it's a rather amazing package, even if a bit bruised. But that's probably exactly just how he would want me.