Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, fun day

Well, yesterday was certainly interesting, gentle readers. I invited a friend over during the afternoon and gave him a perfunctory but satisfying blow job before his band played, letting his cum dribble all over my face. "Thank you for being so nice," he said. Nice. That's what I do.

After attending said show and a birthday dinner nearby, a female friend and I decided to call up one of my lovers for a threesome. Of course he quickly bounded over, six pack, cigarettes and chocolate in tow. What a gentleman! He fucked me hard while I sucked on her tits before fucking her. I watched her toes curl in pleasure as he came all over her face, coating one of her pretty blue eyes in thick semen.
"Lick it off her," he commanded.
So I did, my tongue scraping across her eyelid.

This post has it all: blowjobs, threesomes, eyeball licking, cum eating.

Was that enough for you? It wasn't for me. I need more. I constantly crave sex and orgasms. The Buzzcocks were right when they penned the song about being addicted.