Sunday, January 24, 2010

naughty girl!

Last night I went to a friend's fundraiser event at a local bar. It was crowded and I was painfully bored. You know what the cure for that is: vodka. After a few Ketel & sodas (no lime), I found myself chatting with a short Italian man who regaled me with stories about his family and recipes for osso buco. He was handsome, or at least cocky, which made him attractive. We wound up going for a few more cocktails at a nearby Gallic restaurant and then he politely escorted me home where we fucked. Twice. On my couch. He unwound the strand of pearls from my neck and threatened to bind me with them. Alas, he didn't follow through. Empty promises!

He left and I invited another man over to jerk off all over my face. His load was hot and thick.

Well, that wasn't very boring at all.