Sunday, August 9, 2009

when sex goes horribly wrong

In college I had a lover who wooed me by teaching me how to core a fresh pineapple and then ate it off my naked body with sticky and sweet fervor. He was the first man I ever let tie me up, and I still remember how he left the room for what seemed to be an eternity, returning periodically to caress me until I screeched for him to fuck me. He was the first man I ever had anal sex with, and I remember it being painful and awkward, though I'd drank an entire bottle of champagne beforehand.

One night, he gallantly offered to escort me home at 2am, which was at least a 45 minute train ride. It was summer, and I was wearing a tight white tee shirt without a bra. On the train, he gestured with his head at an attractive woman and said, "She likes you. She keeps smiling at you. You should say hi."
I blushed. "No she isn't smiling at me."
"She is checking you out. She likes you," he repeated.
I shyly peeked at her from beneath my hair and saw that the blonde was indeed gazing at me. Her eyes darted to my chest, as my nipples were now hard from the combination of sexual excitement and the cold air conditioning on the train car.
"Hey," I mumbled.
"Hello," she replied in an Eastern European accent.
I gave her a weak smile and that was it.

Another evening, I met up with him and his considerably older friend, the carpenter who built his loft bed (the very one I'd been tied to). My lover mentioned this to his friend, who gave us a lecherous nod as he used a razor blade to chop the pile of cocaine into dusty lines on the kitchen countertop. After I inhaled my share, I felt the familiar tingle spread through me, a radiating warmth that always seemed to generate from my pussy.
Shooting my lover a mischievous grin, I invited him to join me in the bedroom.
"And leave him alone?" he replied, referring to his friend.
"It won't take long," I coaxed.
He dipped his finger into the pile of cocaine and rubbed it along my clit. It throbbed in response beneath the pressure of his touch and I moaned loudly.
"Do you want me to invite in my friend?" he asked.
"No," I said. "I'm not interested in him. I just want you."

Afterward, we redressed and went to the other room to chat with the friend. "I want you to see something," my lover said.
"Alright. What is it?"
The three of us went back into the bedroom where his friend laid face up on the bed and my lover knelt over his body. I watched as he unbuckled his friend's belt and tugged out his penis.
"Watch us," he said, as I shifted uncomfortably in the doorway.
He lowered his mouth onto his friend's penis and it disappeared into his throat. His head bobbed, his cheeks pursed. Just moments ago, those lips had been on my pussy and now they were on his friend's cock. I was alarmed.
Minutes later, my lover swallowed loudly and rose from the bed, a smile splayed out on his face.

"We're all friends in here," the friend murmured.