Sunday, July 19, 2009

the slav

There's some sense in perseverance as I've discovered: the man who responded to a recent post of mine kept writing and writing until I finally agreed to meet up with him. He is a tall, wiry, older intellectual. You could describe him as "dark and brooding" but that usually comes with the territory of being an eastern European. We met up for supper at a local cafe where he had a watermelon salad (he was amazed by the combination of fruit, feta and mint despite me telling him it was a classic combination) and I ordered a tomato, mozzarella and basil salad (which desperately needed salt). Before we even sat down he'd surmised I wasn't wearing any underwear, which I proved to him after a couple of drinks and I glazed the tip of his cigarette filter with my wet pussy. He smoked that greedily.

We departed for his beautiful apartment, a mere three blocks from my own, where he watched me pee and licked my cunt afterward as if he were starving. He asked if I could suck my own toes so I did. That was a little weird but I was freshly showered so I obliged.

"You sleep like an angel," he declared this morning before finger fucking me and licking my asshole simultaneously. I was splayed out on his couch, glorious. "And you should be naked all the time."
"I'm very comfortable being naked," I agreed.
"You have the perfect skin tone to do so." The morning sunlight was pouring through the floor to ceiling windows. I'd already wandered out onto the roof deck and observed the day. "You're such an exhibitionist," he added.
"I am," I laughed. "Do you want me to stay when your sublet comes by?"
"You're not part of the package," he sighed. "No naked Asian girl."
"Alas," I shrugged, tugging my flimsy dress over my head. "Then I shall go."