Saturday, July 17, 2010

day six, day sex

He positions me so that our genitals are directed at the floor to ceiling windows which face an office building. It's not even 7pm, and the sun has yet to set.
"But people can see," I protest.
"That's exactly the point," he laughs. "There's one guy in an office across the way right now watching."
"Oh, god," I mutter, attempting to hide my face beneath a pillow.
"You love it," he intones.
"You're right," I admit. "I do."

He creampies me fifteen minutes later, rubbing the semen all over my swollen, sticky vulva, and takes a phone call, leaving me exposed and raw for all to view. I lie there, helpless but not, reveling in the vulnerable state - this is me, giving up all dignity.