Saturday, May 15, 2010

on density

When you send a friend a message stating that he should come over so you two can fuck and he actually does arrive only to watch television with you for two hours: exasperating. I could actually feel my pussy drying up, as if it were a rainwater puddle in the sun. After I expressed my dismay none too subtly (I think I actually said: "You're a fucking moron") he laughed and said, "I've been waiting for you." Oh. Was I supposed to make the first move? One would surmise that such a loaded invitation would allow the guest some freedom of expression. I would have loved it had he, immediately upon arrival, shoved me up against the door and started kissing my throat. Instead, we sat through three episodes of "Seinfeld" before he choked me and pressed his cock into me. Because I'd gotten so annoyed in the interim, I went to the liquor store and purchased a bottle of cheap Cab Sav. I was 2.5 glasses in before any sexual shenanigans started so alas, I was deprived of my orgasm despite the decent fuck and mouthful of semen I ended up with.

What a terrible Friday night.