Monday, April 26, 2010

please forgive me

I haven't been able to update much mostly because I feel like a mangled mouth attached to a pair of breasts. It doesn't render me the most useful of sluts, especially since I had my period last week and unleashed a torrential downpour that left me wondering how I did not pass out due to excessive blood loss. Two holes useless, and the third not available due to this so I opted to remain sequestered at home after work, turning down dates save for a few drinks out with the "rapist." I know this will sound silly, but having lacerations on the face and being hormonal will leave any woman, no matter how confident, feeling absolutely hideous. Combine that with my continued stress regarding finding a new apartment and the instability of my current freelance assignment and you have a very distracted little whore.

But this is a new week, and soon, a new month. I'm working on securing another job to continue my income flow, and desperately seeking a new place to hang my ho hat. Things will improve; I don't doubt that. The puncture wound in my mouth is mostly healed. I can't help but be positive because I have been in way worse situations emotionally, physically and financially. Soon, I'll be secure, stable and slutty enough for future play dates. In the meantime, this will suffice. After all, you're not reading this blog just for the sex, are you?