Sunday, March 7, 2010

what a ride

I'm hesitant to say that I've met The One because that would rule out so many options; however, I have met someone who seems to understand exactly the dynamic that I'm seeking. He apparently gets off on having "a pet" and I, of course, love being owned and petted. It helps that he's older than me. I had a recent conversation with someone who scoffed when I said that I could find a similar situation with someone who is younger. "How can you possibly call someone seven years younger than you 'Daddy?'" he laughed. "The whole purpose of the Daddy/daughter relationship is to be with someone who is older than you!"

This gentleman is older, nearly two decades my senior, complete with silver hair and paternal poise. He dotes on me, taking me to expensive lunches and dinners, lavishing upon me all that I could possibly want. Of course, there is a understood recompense; I spread my legs and let him play with my dripping wet cunt. Somehow, despite myself and my "strong, independent woman" stance, I find myself aroused when I'm with him. And this was painfully obvious when he drove me home this afternoon after a very expensive brunch.

As we sat in traffic, his hand casually grazed my breast, fingers slipping beneath my bra and deftly finding my nipple. He tweaked it as it stiffened beneath his touch, using two fingers to pinch and rub just enough to cause me to moan loudly. Stuck in an intersection, a woman walked by and peered in, her face twisted in disgust. It only served to moisten my pussy more.
"I think she saw," I said, grinning widely.
"Yes, I think she did," he laughed.

His hand snaked up my skirt, expertly finding my dripping slit. He rubbed my clit and I groaned. I looked down at myself, seeing my milky white thighs splayed lewdly open, his hand buried in my black panties. I felt like a whore and I liked it.
"Good girl," he said, and I shuddered.
His fingers were bringing me teasingly close to orgasm; I thrashed beneath his hand, feeling my body respond to his touch.
"Daddy, please let me cum," I whined, my breasts heaving, my mouth slack.
He withdrew his hand and grinned at me as he sucked his glistening finger. "No." He reached over and undid my hair which had been corralled in a messy bun. "With your hair down, you look fifteen," he murmured.
"Daddy, please let me cum," i repeated, but he would not relent. Naughty girl that I am, I stuffed my hand into my panties, shoving them aside, and started rubbing furiously. He laughed, grabbed my hand and said, "No. Not now, you little slut."

He dropped me off at home, and it was all I could do to not grab his fingers and shove them deep inside of me. I wobbled up the sidewalk to my building, a dreamy smile plastered across my face, something that did not go unnoticed by my neighbors who wondered just what I'd been doing.
"Wouldn't you like to know?" I simpered, inserting my key into the lock and heading up to my apartment.