Friday, February 12, 2010

Me & Germany

Last night I went on a date with a 6'4 tall German executive who politely got me very tanked on numerous rounds of Sazeracs (side note: here's the recipe if you'd like to replicate the drink at home). I'm 5'3. I don't really drink all that much anymore. You can imagine what happened next.

We wound up at my apartment with his long and thick cock tucked so comfortably into my wet cunt. Tall men with big cocks - so proportionate, so pleasing to my pussy. Since I was so inebriated, I couldn't have an orgasm, but I sucked him off and greedily swallowed his hot cum.

Now that's a nightcap.

After he left, I went on and showed some boy in Atlanta my tits. He responded by pulling out his penis and masturbating. He wanted me to show him my pussy but I draw the line at waving my gash around on webcam. I'd rather show people it in person.