Saturday, January 9, 2010

pubic hair. or pubic bare

How do most men feel about pubic hair? I know the general consensus, at least due to contemporary porn, tends to err on the side of hairless. While I'm not going to tell people what to do with their pubes, I know how I prefer mine: gone! I'm not averse to a small patch on the front (a visual reminder that I am old enough to take a licking and keep on sticking), but when is what appears to be a Chia Pet sprouting between my thighs, it's time to make friends with a wax technician or a sharp, new razor. It's not just for my partner's pleasure - it's for me! I still remember the sensations of sex after my first Brazilian bikini wax; every touch was magnified tenfold and I couldn't stop running my fingers along my pussy lips, marveling at how soft and sensitive everything was. I must have masturbated about fifteen times in the three days that followed. My boyfriend at the time reaped the benefits of my multiple orgasms at the end of his cock.

There seems to be a swing towards a more natural bush, or at least not the fully-denuded look that so many women are compelled to sport, be it for the reasons I have, or because they believe that men prefer it. I'm OK with that - you do your own thing, girl! - but the idea of fucking a woman with a full-on Brillo pad covering her cunt is nauseating. And I can say this because I have eaten a fully hairy pussy and the smell wafting up was stomach-churning, so much that I suggested we shower, and I shave her (she agreed). Perhaps it was just her (post-shower, she still tasted strange). I haven't become a pussy-phile (I grappled with "cunt connoisseur" but went with the former) but most of the women I've been with didn't have that problem.

This is just some late night rambling. Tomorrow I am to meet with a recurring performer in my fuck parade and I will deforest for him. He wouldn't have it any other way. And neither would I.