Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday, not the day of the lord

Naked, on my hands & knees, with my pussy and asshole spread in the face of a handsome man is how I spent yesterday afternoon. He inspected me thoroughly, running a finger or his tongue along my silken skin and tasting my flesh. "Such a pretty little cunt," he observed, spanking my bare ass cheeks repeatedly.
I moaned loudly in response, grinding against him.
"You like this, don't you?" he asked, rhetorically. "You little whore."
"Yes," I gasped.
"Tell me," he said. "Louder. Tell me how much you like this."
"I like it very much," I bleated.
"Good girl."
Another smack against my ass.

"I want to see your pretty eyes flowing with tears as you gag on my cock," he announced, flipping me over and positioning my face in front of his crotch. With eager hands I yanked at his belt, freeing his cock and relishing the feel of it as it grew more and more hard in my grasp.
"Suck it," he intoned, pressing his delicious cock between my lips.
He grabbed the back of my head and pushed it deeper onto the length of his shaft. I felt my throat convulse around him.
"Good girl," he repeated.

I heard the sounds of gagging and sucking, distanced myself from the fact that it was my face and throat being brutally rammed and fucked. Alienated from my own body, it was as if I were trapped in a porn flick, hearing the sounds but not really feeling anything. I pulled back, afraid I might throw up on him, something decidedly not sexy.

"Your pussy is so wet," he observed, sliding a finger deep into me. Eager, I clutched at his hand and shoved it into my mouth, licking all of my own juices off.
"You like that, don't you?"
"Yes, Daddy. I taste so good." I beamed up at him winsomely.
His eyes were steely blue. "I'm going to fuck you now."
I heard his jeans fall to the floor, the belt buckle clanking.

I felt the tip of his cock penetrate me. Already well lubricated, it slid in easily and I groaned, so thankful to feel physically filled. He pumped rhythmically into me, leading me very close to the edge of my orgasm before he abruptly pulled out and laughed. "Not just yet," he snickered, slapping me across the face.
"Please, please fuck me, Daddy," I begged.
"You're a bad girl. You wanted to stay there for another drink." He jammed his cock back into my mouth and I gagged again. Rivulets of tears streamed down my cheeks. "Bad girl. You don't deserve to cum."

But he was kind to me. He teased me to the brink two more times before I wrapped my legs around his slim hips and clutched at him, drawing him deep into me and gyrated to orgasm. I felt my cunt snap tight around him in spasms.
"I'm going to cum for you now, slut," he said, sitting me up and bringing me to my knees. "Open your mouth."
Hot semen splashed across my cheeks and into my mouth.
"Stick your tongue out," he commanded. "Show me my cum."
I did, before swallowing in large gulps. His body shuddered and then relaxed.
"I need a paper towel," I muttered, and we both laughed.