Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the introduction

So, before we get down to the dirty business, I probably should introduce myself, or at least give you a brief history of how I came to be. I'm female, in my early 30's, a native New Yorker and a totally awesome slut. In my attempt to reclaim the word "slut" and remove the negative connotations, and my recent epiphany of "Hey, I really, really like sex, all kinds, and who the fuck cares?" I started this blog to catalog my experiences. Some will be recent, some will be culled from memory. Why am I doing this? Well, why not? Consider this the sexual equivalent of navel gazing, like clitoris staring, I guess.

Before anyone asks or even suggests it, no, I was never molested, raped or sexually abused. Hey, Howard Stern, you hear me? I had a happy childhood, growing up in a privileged neighborhood, attending the premier NYC high school and basically never wanted for anything, except maybe a pony. Don't read too much into that -- I'm no Catherine the Great. I lost my virginity at the respectable age of 15 to a Russian Jew who was leaving for a year long stint as an exchange student in Sweden. Perfect, I thought - I'll never have to see him again! (I never did.) Fast forward through the awkward and fumbling blur of adolescence to first love to first anal sex to first girl-on-girl to first threesome to...

...the here and now.